Saturday, March 30, 2013

Magnificent Caples Lake

Caples Lake is a 600-surface acre lake situated in Northern California, inside the Eldorado National Forest. The elevation is 7,600 feet.

If you are looking for a secluded escape in a forested area, Caples fits that description. Kirkwood Ski area sits immediately next door, as does Kirkwood Lake which is 3 miles to the west of Caples Lake. One of the great things about Caples, is that it is directly off a well-maintained highway (in summer months). Hiking trails are nearby, in case you want to add that to your activities. There are no cafes or restaurants close by.

This lake is a personal favorite for kayaking. There are islands which allow visitors to float past and explore a little touch of nature. The views are breathtaking! My husband and I always beach the kayaks and eat lunch on the center island chain. After all, that's half the fun.

Couple words of caution: Caples Lake can be affected by high winds, which means white caps. This can occur after you are out on the lake, so check the weather report and wear a safety vest. We've been caught out a couple times in some fairly fierce winds, but our Wilderness kayaks were not even slightly phased. If you don't own a kayak, the lake office has them for rent as well as paddles and vests. They are not fancy, but they're adequate.

If you are into fishing, Caples Lake offers a variety of trout. Regardless, if you visit to kayak or fish, temperatures are important to take note of in this mountainous area. Mornings and nights are cool, and the water temperature is cold.

There is no reason to be concerned about speed boats spoiling your serenity. Fishing boats cannot go above 5 mph if they have an engine. You will see some fishermen, but not many. They want the lake to be quiet just as much as the person that is kayaking or in a canoe.

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